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**Accreditation Phased Reopening update November 2021**

Arts Council England (ACE) has published a further update on the Accreditation Scheme’s phased reopening for museums in England.

The full updated statement and FAQ document are available on ACE’s Accreditation webpage.

ACE has confirmed that the Scheme will reopen in Summer 2022 at the earliest. ACE intends to start inviting the first new returns on 1 July 2022 (with a submission deadline of 31 December 2022).

Please note: the new returns schedule is still in development and not yet publicly available. Once the new returns schedule is published, ACE will announce it in its quarterly museums newsletter, on the Accreditation webpage, and through West Midlands Museum Development (WMMD) and our fellow Museum Development networks.

The next update on the Accreditation Scheme’s phased reopening will be in January 2022. In the meantime read the Accreditation webpage which includes the live FAQ document and the Readiness to Return prompt sheet which was published in April

All dates are estimated and may change to reflect the unfolding Covid-19 pandemic and any further Government guidelines.

The Accreditation Scheme sets out nationally-agreed standards, which inspire the confidence of the public and funding and governing bodies.

It helps everyone involved with a museum to do the right things, helping people to access and engage with collections, and protect them for future generations.

The Accreditation Scheme does this by making sure museums manage their collections properly, engage with visitors, and are governed appropriately by encouraging all museums and galleries to meet an agreed standard in:

  • how they’re run
  • how they manage their collections
  • how they engage with their users

The scheme is managed as a UK Partnership between Arts Council England, the Welsh Government, Museums Galleries Scotland and Northern Ireland Museums Council.  It is run for museums and galleries of all sizes and types across the UK.

New to Accreditation?  Find out more here.

Already Accredited?  Here’s an Accreditation checklist:

Find out when your museum is due to make an Accreditation return:

  • The scheme is currently on pause

Familiarise yourself with the requirements:

  • The Standard and guidance is available from the ACE website here

Get advice and support:

  • For regular Accreditation news, keep in touch with us, the West Midlands Museum Development team.  Contact us by email or call 01952 435900.  Encourage your colleagues to sign up to our mailing list via our website to find out about any Accreditation updates.
  • Watch Accreditation webinars via the MDUK website hereThere are five webinars – one for each of the three sections of the Accreditation Standard, one that covers the processes (including Grantium for Accreditation) and one for museums completely new to the scheme.

Do your homework:

  • Address any recommendations resulting from your previous return

Create an account:

  • You will apply online using Grantium.  User support is available from the Arts Council England Customer Service Team by email or phone 0161 934 4317.

Treat Accreditation as a process not an event:

  • By using and reviewing your policies, plans and procedures your paperwork will always be up to date
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