Coronavirus update

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The WMMD team are here to support the region’s museums as we continue to live with the effects of the pandemic. Please contact us via if you would like advice, or to arrange a conversation.

On 27 July 2021 museum funders and sector bodies issued an updated statement on their co-ordinated approach in response to situations when heritage, museums and collections are at risk. Read the updated statement on heritage, museums and collections at risk.

Throughout the pandemic we are also providing updates to DCMS through Arts Council England on museums at risk of permanent closure with permission from the museums’ governing bodies to share this information to provide oversight and trends information around risks to museums. If your museum is at risk in the coming months please contact us immediately by emailing stating when you are at risk of closure.

Keep up to date with the impact of Covid-19 by visiting this section of our website where you can find advice and guidance from across the sector grouped under the following headings:

  • Advice and guidance
  • Museums facing closure
  • Reopening advice and guidance
  • Funding
  • Wellbeing
  • Communications
  • Collections care
  • Restructuring and redundancy

Advice and guidance

A range of advice and guidance for the sector during this time can be found here. This page includes the DCMS Museums and Galleries Sector Coronavirus bulletin  so please check back regularly for up to date information.

Museums facing closure

Museum funders and sector bodies have an agreed co-ordinated approach in response to situations when museums or collections are at risk.

Reopening advice and guidance

National guidance on reopening museums has been published.


Find information about the emergency funds currently available for the sector. Please check back regularly for updates.


Find information about advice on how to support people through this challenging time.


The way museums are communicating with staff, volunteers and their audiences has changed dramatically. Find information on digital communications and how to be accessible online.

Collections care

Find advice and guidance on collections care during lockdown.

Restructuring and Redundancy

This page aims to provide links to resources to help organisations and individuals through restructuring and redundancy.  It is being updated regularly so please check back for updates.

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