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Grants for the arts is changing

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Grants for the Arts is Changing!

From March 2018, Arts Council Englands (ACE) Grants for the Arts fund will become Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants.

Project Grants will be their new open access programme for arts and museum projects, and for arts projects in and with libraries.

The fund will continue to help support thousands of individual artists, community and cultural organisations.

What’s changing?

  • They have increased the budget for Project Grants, with £97.3 million available each year for museums, libraries, artists and arts organisations.
  • This additional funding will allow them to further support the integration of museums and libraries into their total
  • investment approach.
  • Project Grants will also be more open to supporting those working in creative and digital media than the existing Grants for the Arts.
  • Some aspects of the Strategic Touring and Ambition for Excellence funds will be absorbed into Project Grants, with
  • £14 million per year reserved to support nationally significant and national touring projects of over £100,000.
    National Portfolio Organisations will be able to apply for some of the national activity previously supported by Strategic Touring and Ambition for Excellence.

When will more information be available?
The How to Apply guidance for applicants will be published on our website in mid-February, to give applicants time to understand the changes to the programme and to plan their applications.

When does Grants for the Arts close, and Project Grants open?
Grants for the Arts will close at midday on Thursday 1 March 2018.  If you’ve started an application before 1 March, you would need to submit it by this time if you want to make an application to Grants for the Arts before it closes.

Project Grants will open to applications at 10am on Monday 5 March 2018.

Other answers to key questions answered can be found on the ACE website here 

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