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New Report – “Young people, youth organisations and galleries: working as allies to spark change”

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By Tate/PHF / Posted on Tuesday 14th November 2017

What role can galleries and museums play in young people’s lives?
How can arts and youth organisations form partnerships to harness each other’s expertise?

Through Circuit, 10 galleries across England and Wales worked with over 50 youth organisations to improve access to the opportunities that galleries offer, to a greater range of young people. Circuit tested new forms of partnership between cultural and youth organisations, and highlighted the importance of the arts and youth sectors working as allies for the benefit of young people.

Read the report and research:
Explore challenges and solutions relating to work with and for young people, that emerged from four years of research from Circuit.  Download the free report at

See the new documentary:
Make Your Place – a portrait of changing futures
Follow the lives of four young people around the country, and the challenges they face in today’s society as they seek opportunities to shape their futures.
Watch the film at

Provoke conversation, collaboration and action to champion work with young people and their cultural participation in galleries and museums.


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