The programme

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Our programme of support has been developed to respond to the needs of Accredited museums and those officially working towards Accreditation.

We will support museums to:

  • Build learning through participation in our ‘Training Together’ programme
  • Strengthen partnerships and develop collaborative projects
  • Share skills and knowledge
  • Improve costs and impact
  • Develop an entrepreneurial approach and find creative solutions to problems
  • Increase income and consider alternative sources of funding
  • Nurture entrepreneurial ways of working
  • Develop excellence in the long term care of collections
  • Build diverse audiences using physical and digital means
  • Improve their visitor experience, taking an innovative approach
  • Consider diversification in their ‘offer’
  • Develop and retain a diverse workforce and volunteer base

We continue to welcome suggestions from museums regarding their training needs to help us formulate the programme.  Please email

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