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Chair, The Chamberlain Highbury Trust

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The Chamberlain Highbury Trust (CHT) in Biringham is looking for a new Chair to take over the leadership of the organisation on, or before, the end of March 2022 following an introductory 9 month period as a board member. The CHT will also be recruiting a number of new trustees to take up forthcoming vacancies on the Trust.

From the outset, the Trust has been developing a project that will restore the building and grounds of the Highbury estate to a high standard of conservation, and that will secure a long-term future for the property.

The project aims to provide a sustainable and resilient future for Highbury through enabling the inclusive growth of incubator businesses, home workers and community organisations in the area. Simultaneously, it will connect the place’s legacy as the home of the Chamberlain family to the creation of future civic leaders from Birmingham’s young people.

The Role of the Chair of the Trust

Maintain a clear and ambitious strategic vision and direction

  • Ensure that trustees approve and monitor grant applications and financial plans, define goals and targets and monitor performance
  • Ensure the effective administration of the trust and its financial stability

Provide leadership

  • Take a leading and high profile role in advocacy of the trust, promoting it to a wider audience and serving as a spokesperson
  • Ensure the concerns of the board, advisory groups and other stakeholders are addressed
  • Ensure good relationships with volunteers, stakeholders, customers and (future) staff
  • Safeguard the good name and values of the trust.

Ensure good governance

  • Plan and chair meetings of the board of trustees, ensure it functions effectively and review its performance
  • Meet the legal obligations common to all trustees
  • Address any conflicts of interest among trustees and ensure they have appropriate induction, training, advice, development and appraisal
  • Work with trustees to plan board succession, openly and widely recruiting diverse trustees with relevant skills and experience

For more details please click here.

To register your interest please email with a copy of your CV and a covering letter, outlining the following:

  • Brief biography (career synopsis/key achievements)
  • The qualities you would bring as chair
  • Your commitment to the city’s heritage
  • Whether you would wish to be considered as a trustee if not appointed as Chair
  • Confirmation that you are eligible to act as a trustee

Applications are invited by 5pm, 8 February
Interviews will be held on 22 and/or 26 February

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