Bright Ideas: New Perspectives on Museum Lighting  

What are the latest innovations and trends in lighting? And how can museums use lighting to maximum effect as part of their exhibition design?

This one day Museums Association conference will explore the current opportunities that lighting innovation offers, examining the benefits as well as the challenges.

Lighting designers will share some of the most recent and exciting technological developments, and explain how these might be used in museums to create atmosphere and show off objects without compromising conservation and environmental standards.

There will also be a range of case studies delivered by a range of museums with different budgets, sharing how they are using lighting in their exhibition design.

Delegates will have the opportunity to talk to designers over an extended lunch period, visit tabletop stands and enjoy specially commissioned demos.

If you work in displays, exhibitions, conservation, design and interpretation, this seminar brings you up to date with innovations in museum lighting.

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11 September 9.30am-4.30pm

Science and Industry Museum, Manchester M3 4FP

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