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Small grants

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What is a small WMMD grant?

Museums may apply for grants of up to £3,000 to support projects to help increase access to and engagement with their collections.  Although this is a very competitive grant your museum should still apply and if you are unsure please contact your Museum Development Officer for further information.



Applicant organisations must hold Full Accreditation, Provisional Accreditation or be formally working towards Accreditation in order to be eligible to apply for this grant. We may draw upon Accreditation records with your permission.

Please note National Portfolio Organisations are not eligible to apply .


What will the grant fund?

The 2018 Small Grant Scheme will support museums who demonstrate how they use their collections and planning to reflect the diversity of their audiences. They need to show evidence of how the ‘Creative Case for Diversity’ is at the heart of everything they do, from consulting with diverse and underrepresented groups to diversifying their programmes, collections and exhibitions.

All projects should show that they seek to develop and respond to audience development opportunities; improving the services on offer, strengthening sustainability and building resilience.

Perhaps you might like to consider a project that builds on WMMD activity that your museum has participated in eg Access Audit, Diversity Champions, Arts and Culture Education Audit, Mystery Shopper etc. It may be that one of our workshops such as Start with the Story, Open to Interpretation or Visual Awareness has inspired your project.

Please read the guidance and contact your Museum Development Officer before completing the application form (pdf version available on request).


Deadline for applications

Applications are now closed for 2018.


Next steps

Please read the guidance and contact your Museum Development Officer before completing the application form (pdf version available on request).

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