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Introduction to Sustainable Development

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Date: Thursday 22nd February 2024

Workshop and Surgeries with Henry McGhie

Climate change, inequality, decolonisation, budgets, social inclusion. Society faces so many challenges, and museums face many pressures to address them, both from funders and from our own desire to make an impact.

Which challenges should we choose?

How can we avoid ping-ponging from one issue to another?

Sustainable Development can help.

Sustainable Development is an invitation to all parts of society to work for a world with universal respect for human rights and to protect and restore the natural environment.

This two hour online workshop with Henry McGhie will explore the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how Sustainable Development can support museums to:

  • understand local challenges and direct your resources and opportunities to addressing them
  • strengthen how you contribute to a better world, by working to do more good, and do less harm, tailored to your local reality
  • draw on information about the wider world to access existing tools and resources
  • helps you to set goals, make plans, and to monitor and communicate your impact
  • understand how human rights and environmental goals are the foundations of sustainable development

Henry is offering one-to-one follow-up surgeries in early March to provide tailored advice or further detail on how Sustainable Development can support your work. Please email for more information and a book a surgery.

About Henry McGhie

Henry McGhie has a background as an ecologist, museum curator and manager. He runs the consultancy Curating Tomorrow, working to strengthen museums’ contributions to sustainable development agendas, including the SDGs, climate action, biodiversity conservation, human rights, and Disaster Risk Reduction.

Introduction to Sustainable Development
Thursday 22 February, 10am-12pm

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