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Inventory and Documentation Planning

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Date: Thursday 12th October 2023

This is the fourth of seven workshops delivered by West Midlands Museum Development (WMMD) in partnership with Museum Development East Midlands and Collections Trust to support you in ensuring that your collections documentation is well managed.

This session will explore the potential steps and considerations involved when undertaking an inventory project, using the Spectrum 5.1 Inventory procedure as a framework.

What is the difference between the Inventory and Audit procedures? What information do you need to meet the requirements for the Inventory procedure? How can you create a realistic documentation plan to address inventory projects?

By the end of the session, delegates will:

  • Understand the role of the Spectrum standard, and its supporting guidance, in relation to museum Accreditation
  • Understand the Spectrum requirements for the Inventory procedure
  • Understand policy related to Inventory
  • Know how to develop a realistic plan to address gaps in inventory information
  • Know where to find more information and guidance

Before the session:
Think about how you do things in your museum, referring to your in-house procedural manual if you have access to it. You might also find it useful to have it with you to refer to during the session.

Maximum two delegates per organisation. 

This event will be auto-captioned through Zoom. If you would benefit from any other form of access support, including live captioning, please answer ‘yes’ to the access requirements question on the booking form and email the WMMD team as early as possible stating the support you require.

All participants will receive an email containing a Zoom link to the training prior to the event. The email will be sent to the email address used for booking. If you have not received an email the day before the event please contact us.

If you can’t see the booking button the event is fully booked. If you would like to join the waiting list please

Inventory and Documentation Planning
Thursday 12 October, 10am-12noon

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