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Leading a Digitally Literate Museum

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Date: Wednesday 22nd February 2023

Bookings now open!

Is your museum leadership team confident when it comes to digital? Are they as digitally literate as our fast-changing world requires? The opportunities around digital culture can be huge but it is a multi-layered environment that is a challenge for many museums to exploit, particularly in the current climate.

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, museums more than ever need a digitally literate workforce that understands the ways in which digital technologies, content and culture can best serve their mission. It is down to museum leadership to create the right conditions to meet those challenges. This three part workshop from Culture24 will combine strategy, theory and expert insight with practical advice and peer support.

Who should attend?
This course is specifically designed for museum leaders at executive and board-level with responsibilities across the museum’s strategy and operations (i.e., not the digital team leaders). This includes chief executives, directors, board members and senior leaders.

Two members from each participating museum should attend to ensure that they are able to enact and embed change more effectively within their organisation.

Participants must be working or volunteering in a non-NPO, Accredited museum in the West Midlands region.

This online course will encourage active learning and plenty of discussion for a small group of up to 18 delegates from nine museums across the Midlands and South West. You will join three online sessions, each lasting two hours and spread across a period of one month. You will be asked to undertake a small piece of self-led coursework in between sessions.

Learning objectives
By the end of this course, you will have:

  • improved your own digital literacy and understanding
  • a fuller understanding of the opportunities around digital culture for your organisation
  • a range of inspirational yet pragmatic and relatable case studies
  • practical next steps to implement in your organisation
  • a new network of peers all tackling similar issues
  • signposting to free online resources to support you going forward

Course leads
Anra Kennedy is Culture24’s Partnerships Director. Anra works with museums, galleries and heritage organisations across the UK and internationally. She specialises in digital literacy and skills development, digital publishing and cultural education, all with a view to supporting organisations’ resilience, impact and social purpose. She brings extensive experience of training and mentoring museum leaders and practitioners, to build their confidence and empower change in their working practice.

Jane Finnis is CEO of Culture24. She is a cultural entrepreneur with a highly successful track record of dynamic leadership, cross sector partnership building and creative production work. Jane brings her recent experience as part of #CultureisDigital – a conversation between Government, the cultural sector and tech companies in order to better understand the creative potential of technology and boost the capability of cultural organisations.

This course is provided as part of Culture24’s Arts Council England-funded Sector Support programme.

Support towards Museum Accreditation
Organisational Health:
2.1 An approved forward or business plan which covers the current and subsequent planning year

Book now

Once you have booked on and it is confirmed that your museum is eligible, you will be sent a link for the second delegate to book their place.

Two delegates per organisation. Delegates must be from non-NPO and non-National museums in the West Midlands which are Accredited or officially Working Towards Accreditation.

Digital Access
These events will be auto captioned. If you would benefit from any other form of access support, please email the WMMD team as early as possible stating the support you require.

All participants will receive an email containing a Zoom link to the training prior to the events. The email will be sent to the email address used for booking. If you have not received an email the day before the event please contact us.

Leading a Digitally Literate Museum
Wednesday 22 February, Wednesday 1 and Wednesday 8 March 2023, 10am-12noon

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