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2023-26 Investment Programme: Making your application

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By Arts Council England / Posted on Wednesday 26th January 2022

Arts Council England (ACE) has published the Guidance for Applicants to become a National Portfolio Organisation or Investment Principles Support Organisation. The guidance has been published to give those thinking of applying plenty of time to prepare their application before the deadline on 18 May 2022 (revised date).

In addition to the Guidance for Applicants, there a number of other resources to support you in making your application, all of which are available in various formats.

Interested in making an application?

Steps you can take now on the ACE website includes links to all the relevant guidance, resources and background reading you need to get started. Organisations not currently an NPO must have an introductory conversation (see point 5 below).

A summary of the steps:

1. Let ACE know if you have access needs 

2. Come to a briefing session
Online briefing sessions will be held in February and March. Book a briefing session.

3. Do your background preparation

4. Decide whether to apply to become an NPO or an IPSO (or neither!)

5. Book an introductory conversation
If you’re not currently an NPO, you must have an introductory conversation with one of the team in order for your application to be eligible. Conversations will take place between 31 January and 22 April 2022 (revised date). You can book yours now through ACE’s Customer Services team and you need to do so by 8 April (revised date) . Book your conversation

If you are currently an NPO, you don’t need to have an introductory conversation, but if you’d like one, you can book this through your Relationship Manager.

6. Start planning your application

7. Register on Grantium

8. Keep an eye out for further guidance





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