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National Portfolio 2023 onwards

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By Arts Council England / Posted on Thursday 18th November 2021

Arts Council England (ACE)  have recently published further information about its NPO 2023 onwards. All information can be found on ACE website

Financial templates –  to help you prepare to make your application and so that you understand what information ACE’ll be seeking in addition to that provided via the financial template.

Application form and outcomes and IP templates – you’ll need to provide this information via a template that ACE’ll publish in January, but the webpage gives you more information about the templates ACE will ask you to complete.

The role of boards – NPOs and Good Governance – the NPO 2023+ process will see an increased focus by the Arts Council on the governance arrangements that NPOs have in place. We have published an information sheet explaining our requirements for governing bodies. We expect portfolio organisations to have a governance structure that includes a body that has independent oversight of the organisation. For many, this will be a formal board of trustees and this will satisfy our requirements. If your governance structure is in a different form such as an advisory group or a local authority committee, it must have the capacity to adhere to a set of requirements which we have published on the information sheet.


Accredited museums (or those working towards Accreditation) based in England can apply to the National Portfolio for museums activity. Find out more about eligibility for museums  here.

NPO 2023 onwards: Steps you can take now – there’s a number of steps you can take now if you’re interested in making an application which are outlined on our website.

Timeline –  the timeline covers a lot of ground, taking us from 21 October 2021 through to 1 April 2023.

ACE hopes the information  published so far will help you begin to prepare for the NPO 2023+ process.  In the meantime, they’re hosting some digital briefing sessions this November. They’ll also record all the briefings and share them on this webpage in early December – so don’t worry if you can’t make one.

All of the sessions below will be live captioned and feature BSL interpretation.

  • Full briefing for new applicants – Book now! (Midlands: Tuesday 23 November – 3:30pm – 4:30pm)
  • Full briefing for current NPOs – Book now! (Midlands: Monday 22 November – 3:30 – 4:30pm)
  • Full briefing for applicants who want to know more about the access support we are providing  – Book now!
  • Organisations interested in providing support to the sector with the Investment Principles – Book now!

You can find out more information about the National Portfolio for 2023 onwards on the Arts Council’s website here.

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