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Heritage and Culture Warwickshire

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Heritage and Culture Warwickshire (HCW) protects, conserves, celebrates and showcases Warwickshire’s natural and cultural heritage. It is part of Warwickshire County Council.

HCW provides a range of services to help local communities and visitors connect and engage with their local heritage. It aims to safeguard Warwickshire’s archives, history and natural sciences; protect its historic and natural environment; and provide high quality arts, cultural opportunities and lifelong learning for everyone in the County and beyond.

Market Hall Museum is its flagship museum in the centre of Warwick. The Museum displays items from the natural history, geology, archaeology and social history collections.

The Warwickshire County Record Office, Archaeology Warwickshire, Heritage Education and Schools Service, Community Learning and Engagement team, and the County Arts team are also part of the Heritage and Culture Warwickshire.

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