Accreditation Mentor Support

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Accreditation Mentors are experienced professionals in the sector, who help smaller museums achieve and retain Accreditation.

They do this by supporting those museums to develop Accreditation applications and returns.

For museums:

To meet the requirements of Accreditation, all museums must have access to professional advice and one way for volunteer-run museums to achieve this is to appoint an Accreditation Mentor.

Is your museum looking for a Mentor?  Let us know at

Become an Accreditation Mentor:

Accreditation Mentoring is a valued source of support for smaller museums and an excellent form of Continued Professional Development for mid to late career professionals.

Gain real life experience outside your employing organisation and reflect on your own practice whilst helping your mentee museum to gain or maintain Accreditation.

Current Accreditation Mentors include:

  • Rachel Cockett, Birmingham Museums Trust
  • Chris Copp, Staffordshire Archives and Heritage
  • Emma Greenwood, Craftspace
  • Emma-Kate Lanyon, Shropshire Museums
  • Daniel Lockett, Fossils in Shropshire Project
  • Sue Pope, Freelance, A Merry Noyse Music and Heritage
  • Clare Weston, Black Country Living Museum

More information and how to apply can be found here or contact us

Current museums seeking an Accreditation Mentor:


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