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Revealing Hidden Histories: Telling the Difficult Stories in Our Collections

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By West Midlands Museum Development / Posted on Monday 6th March 2023

This year the team at Museums Worcestershire is working with West Midlands Museum Development (WMMD) to deliver Revealing Hidden Histories 23/24.

Every collection has objects with complex or sometimes contentious stories. Your collection may include objects with huge potential that are difficult to handle or display, or that would be best interpreted with the involvement of the community that they represent.

The Revealing Hidden Histories programme is designed to help you to increase your knowledge, understanding and confidence in making these objects more accessible to your audiences.

Four museums in the West Midlands will have the opportunity to work with a collections specialist on a specific object or group of objects from their collection which have not been displayed or interpreted. You may want specialist support to help:

  • increase your knowledge and understanding of underused elements in your collections. These could be objects that talk about disability, LGBQT+, colonialism or other issues not well represented in museum collections.
  • or overcome barriers that prevent the telling of hidden histories eg challenging environmental conditions or managing hazardous material
  • or to engage new audiences with hidden histories and offering guidance in community outreach and community co-curation

Collections specialists will work with you directly to talk through the different approaches to the object(s) and to support you and your museum colleagues.  There will be an event at the end of the project where museums will come together to share their experiences and think about how to develop other elements of their collections in the future.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact Deborah Fox for an Expression of Interest form or download the form with the link below. The deadline for submissions is 5pm, Friday 21 April.

This opportunity is open to Museums that are Accredited or officially Working Towards Accreditation in the West Midlands. Priority will be given to non-NPOs and non-National museums.

Download the EoI

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